Friday, June 13, 2014

Master The Hair Wand!!

Quick sneak peak at Caroline's look of the day!!

-Section hair in to 1/2 inch sections all over the head

-Wrap the hair in small pieces in different directions section by section using a texture spray before each curl and hair spray after each section.

-Tease in the mohawk section from the front hair line back to the crown for ideal volume

-Comb out your tease and run your fingers through the curls gently to give it that final loose waved effortless look!

Hope you enjoy, Happy Friday y'all.  Follow the link for the video below!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Hair Tips For Rainy Days

I don't know about where you live, but here in NYC it has been a humid, rainy couple of weeks.  Now in comparison to the polar vortex we experienced this winter I will take this weather over that any day, but my hair may beg to differ.  Those of you struggling with that rainy day frizz and disobedience, check out some tips below that may get you through the day with out absolutely wanting to cut all of your hair off.  

Heat Protector- I have said it once, I will say it a million times, a heat protectant is the way to go.  Use a cream or spray on damp hair and distribute evenly.  This not only helps to protect your hair against curling and flat iron heat but also the heat and humidity outside.  

Don't Skimp Your Blowdry-  Make sure your hair is completely and utterly bone dry before leaving the house.  Any dampness left in your hair will instantly be a magnet for frizz once stepping outside.

Anti Frizz Serum- Duh!  Once your hair is styled rub an anti frizz serum on to your midshaft and ends.  This will also help to give your hair some extra shine.

Give Yourself Some Time-  After your done blowdrying and styling, give your self 5 minutes before running out the door.  This will allow the hair to cool and set, sealing the cuticle and blocking the humidity from getting to the hair so easily.  It will also allow that serum you just used to have a chance to dry in to your hair, IE rule number 2 above.

No Touching- Do not do not do not touch your hair.  The oils from your finger tips will get in to the hair and can cause extra frizz.  No matter how much you may want to grab those locks, fight the urge for longer lasting style.  

EFF It- The last and most important rule of rainy day hair is to know when to say "F#$K it!"  There are going to be those days that no matter how many tips or tricks you try, your hair is just not going to listen.  You think you will be the only one out there making themselves late for work by trying to salvage their frizzy mess of a mane????   NO!  Everyone knows and understands the struggle, and on these specific days, opt for a braid or up-do and just say EFF IT.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Makeup Tips and Trends That May Be Aging you!

Good morning beautynistas!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We are all always looking for the next best makeup product, tip, or trend, hence my beauty blog.  But does that necessarily mean that every trend will work on us?  Or that we are even doing it correctly??  Take a look at some of the specific ones that can easily be done wrong and that may even be aging us....

1) Dark lips-  They are a huge thing right now and the go-to statement trend that allows us to wear less makeup every where else.  But when wearing a dark lip a lot of people tend to choose one with blue undertones which can instantly make the lips appear small and cold.  You can still rock a bold lip but try to test it out and find a shade that makes your lips POP!

2) Loose Powder- Powder is a necessity but too much loose powder can cake and discolor the skin, especially around the eyes and in fine lines.  Try switching to a translucent powder to avoid over doing it.

3) Shimmers- Every one wants bronzed, luminous skin in the summer time, but shimmery blushes and highlighters tend to settle in to lines and creases and can highlight imperfections.  For a more natural glow try keep your skin hydrated and use a facial mist daily.  This will help to allow the blushes to go on more evenly.

4) Bold Brows-  Though a bold brow is undoubtedly the way to go with brows these days, they can easily be done too harshly which can be aging and distracting.  Try using a pencil or powder shade that is one shade lighter than your natural shade to prevent making them appear too dark.

5) Glitter Shadow- Shimmery or glittery shadow can be VERY aging to your skin.  The glitter exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles and can set in to them causing creasing.  Try to opt for matte eye shadows instead, this will also help with blending and highlighting.   If you MUST have some shine though try keeping it in the inner corner of your eye.

6) Worn Makeup-  Most women tend to not touch up their makeup through out the day.  Under eye mascara or eye liner run-age can instantly set in to fine lines immediately making you appear aged or disheveled.  Throw a couple Q-tips in your makeup bag and when you go to touch up that lip gloss, dampen the Q-tip and give your under eye area a little attention as well.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 Ways to Lock In Your Fresh Hair Color

Chlorine, salt water, sun and sand...Four things we love about summer but do not necessarily love for the sake of our hair colors.  Summer is also a time that we all tend to change up our color a bit to freshen things up.  If you want to make sure that your fresh color job lasts as long as possible, then here are a few tips on keeping it nice and fabulous.

1) Deep Conditioning Treatments- Give yourself a nice deep conditioning treatment or mask once a month.  This will help to restore and repair your hair.  The healthier and happier your hair is from the beginning, the better it will take to color.  Color itself also can be drying to the hair so the conditioners can prevent your hair from becoming too color damaged.

2) Wash your hair with luke warm water-   Now, no one wants to take a cooler shower, so try washing your hair in the sink or bath tub before showering.  Then throw a shower cap on and shower at whatever temperature your little heart desires.  The luke warm water isn't as stripping to the hair and doesn't open the cuticle as much which helps to keep your color locked in to the strands more securely.  

3) Use a color protectant shampoo and conditioner-  This seems pretty self explanatory but you would be surprised at how many people ignore this simple rule.  You wouldn't wash your face with any old face wash would you??  So treat your hair with the same courtesy.  It doesn't have to be every wash, but switch out your normal shampoo for a color protecting shampoo every other wash.  

4) SPF- This isn't just for your skin, use SPF creams in your hair as well to protect against the sun.  UV rays can penetrate the cuticle oxidizing and bleaching out hair color.  

5) Add a glaze-  Using an at home glaze every other week will instantly brighten and add shine to your hair, giving your hair color the illusion of being freshly done.  This is something you can do in between color appointments to boost your hair and buy you some time.  

6) Dirty it up- Shampooing too much will wash all your money spent on hair color down the drain that much faster.  Try to give your self a day or two in between washes and switch dry shampoo for regular shampoo on off days.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Must Have Travel Beauty Bag Stuffers

Summer is here, well officially this coming Monday (Memorial Day) but luckily it feels like it's already here.  We all tend to travel a bit more in the summer months, skipping out to the beach or lake houses every chance we get.  It is always a struggle for me when packing up my beauty bag.  What makeup to bring...which hair products to take or leave....what skin care will I need??  I won't even attempt to get in to the clothing aspect of it all.  The struggle is real beautynistas.  If any of you are as indecisive as me, then allow me to bring you what I have concocted to be the "Perfect travel beauty bag".  If you stick to these key items, and add to it as necessary depending on the travel occasion, then you will be good to go.  Now the key point however is once it is packed, keep it packed and when it is time to skip out, just grab and go.  No thinking required.  Here it goes...

Skin Hydrator-  When actually in the motion of traveling (on a plane, in a car, etc) you want to wear as little makeup as possible.  Sleeping on a pillow, higher altitudes and all that comes with traveling can dry out your skin and pores and a face full of makeup will only add to that damage.  Try throwing on a skin hydrator or oil to allow your skin to stay nice and moisturized as well as protected.

Balm- Always carry a nice lip balm on you like Nivea Lip Care Lip Butter.  Lip balms are ultra hydrating, not only for your lips but also can be added hydration for cuticles, elbows, and eye areas.  Dab a little bit on each of these areas and you are good to go!!

Facial Mist-  Nothing wakes you up after a long ride, flight or day on the beach like a nice refreshing spritz of facial mist.  It will instantly re-hydrate skin and many of them have aromatherapy scents in them that will also awaken the mind.  Always a good thing to have on you.

Hand Sanitizer- This is really something that should always be tucked away somewhere in your purse, but hand sanitizer can literally be a life saver.  Anywhere you go, touching different random surfaces, then accidentally touching your face can be ultra damaging to your skin.  Sanitizing your hands is recommended every hour.

Hand Cream- Sanitizing your hands repeatedly is necessary but can also cause dryness so always make sure to follow up with a moisturizing hand cream.

Sleep Mask-  If you are a light sleeper like me, anything can wake you up.  The minute the sun pops up, I wake up.  Lack of sleep is a definite no no, especially while traveling in different timezones where jet lag is an issue.  Travel with a sleep mask so you are less likely to wake up when light shifts.

Multi Tasking Makeup-  Carry a multi purpose makeup cream on you at all times.  Choose a nice color for your skin,  you can double it as a lip tint and cheek color, instantly refreshing your look.

Makeup Remover Wipes-  Using a wipe on your skin to remove makeup in places where you may not have access to water can really save your day.  They can also act as a nice mid day cleansing tool to keep your skin refreshed all day long.

Travel Sized Hair and Body Wash-  Hit up the travel aisle in your local drug store and stock up.  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shaving creams are the ultimate go- to's in my book.  This is convenient for travel but is the one thing in this bag that will need to be restocked more frequently due to size.

Dry Shampoo-  Give your hair a rest on day 2, especially in places where you are in chlorine or salt water.  These 2 things can be mega drying on your hair and the last thing you need is over shampooing on top of it.  Spray in some dry shampoo and call it a day.

Tooth Paste/Tooth Brush- Well, duh.  But you never know, sometimes the obvious isn't always the obvious.

Hair Styling Cream- It never hurts to have a multi purpose styling cream in your bag, you never know when your hair is going to just act up on you.  Especially in un familiar climates or temperatures.  Travel with your favorite hair cream to prevent those bad hair days.  They can be great for blow dry's or added texture on beach days.

Moisturizing Body Lotion-  Being in the sun more than usual can dry your skin out.  Even when you are prepared with sun screen, your skin naturally tends to be stripped of moisture so be sure to have a nice heavy moisturizing body lotion in your bag.  I prefer a nice smelling body butter in a refreshing summer scent.

A Travel Sized Brush/Mirror Combo-  Keep a pocket sized brush mirror / combo in your bag.  The brush will prevent your hair from tangling and the mirror can double to help you with those last minute, side of the road touch ups.

Off you go you little travelers you!

Monday, May 19, 2014

9 Cool Ways To Multi Use Your Fave Nail Polishes

Nail polish doesn't have to be just for your nails anymore, well ever really, but maybe you have never thought of the fun, cute other ways you can personalize your things with it.   Your favorite polishes can be used for a few different things that may surprise you, and even potentially save your day fashion wise at some point.  Check some of them out below...

Phone Charger- Tired of having your charger go missing and everyone insisting they didn't "accidentally" take it??  Decorate yours with a bright or sparkly nail color.  This way no one can accidentally grab yours or mistake it for theirs.  

Pantie Hose Runs- We have all had those nights where we have been out and about and suddenly snag our tights.  Don't let it turn in to a fashion no-no.  At this point you have 3 options, either take them off, run with the look by becoming a hipster for the night and snag them up a little more, or dig in to your purse and put some clear nail polish on the hole to keep it from running further.  The nail polish will seal the hole temporarily and stop them from running further.

Decorative Bobby Pins-  Add some flare to your every day bobby pins by painting them with your favorite nail polish colors.  No point in paying extra for the fancy ones at the store when you can not only do it your self, but also make them any color or design you want with your polishes at home.  Slip them on to an envelope or piece of paper to let them dry fully.  

Revamp Costume Jewelry- Costume jewelry is huge right now and we all love spicing up any ordinary outfit with it.  Well now try spicing up your old jewelry with a pop of nail polish.  Sick of the same necklace you have worn a million times??  Paint over the jewels with your favorite color, or add glitter, stripes or dots to be extra creative. 

Green Finger Gone- Use clear nail polish to paint the inside of any rings or arm cuffs to avoid turning your skin green.  When air hits the metal it oxidizes, this is what causes the metal to color your skin.  The polish will provide a barrier between your skin and the jewelry.  If it starts to peel off just give it another coat.  

Designer Keys- Use your best nail polish colors to paint your different keys.  One color for your house key, one color for your car key etc.  Get rid of the bulky name tags and just have color coded keys!  Super colorful key chains are the cutest!

Seal Envelopes-  Licking envelopes not your thing?  Taste nasty??  No one loves the bitter taste or the paper cuts that can come with it, so take your clear nail polish and paint over the seal.  Close the envelope and you are good to go, no gross after taste.  

Color Coded Polish Tops- Ditch the old bag you keep your polishes in.  Storing your nail polishes upright will make them last longer and keep them from getting clumpy and drying out.  Paint a dab of the color on the top of the polish using a cue tip, and store the polishes up right in a decorative box.  This will allow you to see which color is which and save you time when looking for your fave color.  It will also provide a cute, stylish way for you to keep your polishes stored.  

Scuff No More-  It is always the biggest bummer coming home from a night out and realizing you have scuffed your favorite pump.  Take a similar nail polish color and paint a thin coat over the scuff.  Don't forget to seal it with a top coat though, it will work just like it would on your nail, sealing it and making it last longer.  Good as new!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rihanna Wigs Out: The Many Hairstyles of the Star

Rihanna was seen again sporting yet another statement hairstyle.  The singer has never been shy on being bold with her hair choices and this time was no different.  "Wiggin Out!!!" she tweeted yesterday with the below picture attached.  She then later tweeted "We raided Nicky's wig closet for the summer.  Bad gals just wanna have fun!"  She definitely looked like she was having fun from all the images she posted, you do that Ri Ri.  What do you think of the star's crazy pink locks??  I kind of dig it, I am diggin' her jewelry even more though!

Let's take a look back at some of the other statement hairstyles that Miss Rihanna has rocked over the years.  Never a dull moment when styling this one, what's your favorite look????

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