Monday, April 14, 2014

Mad for Mad Men's Megan Draper: Tutorial

Check out this write up in The Huffington Post detailing how we transformed one of our editors in to "Mad Men's" iconic Megan Draper for an awesome shoot!! A few hair tips from yours truly included 

Friday, April 11, 2014

6 Of The Most Iconic TV Hairstyles Of ALL Time

Good morning beautynistas!  Being that I am a television hairstylist, I firmly believe that hair and makeup play a HUGE roll in building the characters on TV that we all know and love.  You identify with their signature look and a lot of times, take that to your own stylist for inspiration.  With that being said, check out some of my all time favorite iconic television hairstyles that you are guaranteed to recognize!  Which one would you still sport out and about today ???

With all she dealt with in her classic show, husband and all, Peg always looked fabulous.  And her hair was no different, that vibrant red and super teased mane is a statement of it's own.

Marsha Marsha Marsha, her hair was so simple and yet so Marsha.  Sometimes simpler is better and Marsha still turned heads with her center parted straight locks.

The tease and flip, no one did it as good as little miss Mary.  An absolute Icon with amazing hair.

We still see this fabulous look on the streets today!  The waves cascading down and back away from the face, so flawless and so fierce.  Forever missed Farrah!

The one, the only Lucille Ball.  Her hair was truly a form of art and legitimately signified her whole television appearance...have you EVER seen her hair down??  Food for thought.

You knew it was coming, we all have asked for it at some point.  "The Rachel" do absolutely took over the 90's and is still to this day one of the most recognizable and sought after styles ever.

Quick and Dirty

We all know I love a good braid!!  Add some flavor to your hair today by adding a few side braids to one side of the head.  Check out Huff Post Live host Caitlyn Becker rocking her braids I gave her!  This can be worn with straight or curly hair and is super versatile for all hair types and textures!  Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Fine Straight Hair

Not all of us are blessed with long thick luxurious locks, myself included.  I pay a lot of money to have the appearance of longer hair.  Finer, straighter hair sometimes has a hard time curling and when it does, it struggles to hold the curl.  When I reached out to Sassy Chic readers on what you wanted to know, a friend Travis asked exactly this, how to help her hair hold curl.  Here are a few tricks on locking curl in to limper hair and some fun tricks to do with it on those days where we just have no hope ;)

First things first, the products you are using to wash your hair with can make a HUGE difference in how your hair holds up all day.  You want to be using a volumizing shampoo for your average wash and add in a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of any extra buildup.   When conditioning you want to be sure to only condition your hair from the mid shaft down.  Any excess conditioner on the root can make your hair oily and weigh it down.  Next, you want  to be using a thickening lotion or a volumizing mousse on damp hair before drying.  These few prep steps alone will make a huge difference in the life and bounce of your hair.

When moving on to the styling aspect of this process, try to make your hair the first thing you do in the morning...and here is why.  When curling your hair, spritz a lightweight texture spray on each section before curling it.  Then immediately after curling each piece, wrap that section around your fingers, in the same direction you curled it, and pin it to your head in a pin curl.  You can secure with actual pin curl clips (found at your local Sally's or beauty supply store) or you can just use a simple bobby pin.  Once the whole head is curled and wrapped up in pin curls, give it a good spray, and leave them set while you  continue the rest of your morning routine.  Brushing your teeth, doing your makeup, getting dressed etc.  Wait until you are almost ready to walk out the door and take out the pins, flip your head upside down and shake it out.  The pin curls will not only help to add body and life to your hair with extra volume, but the process of setting the curls while they are still hot and letting them cool while wrapped in place will help them to lock in for an all day hold.

Pin curls set in hair

Extra Curl tip:  Try curling your hair in opposite directions all around the head.  Wrap one curl forward, the next backward, then the next curl forward again.  The curls going in different directions will prevent them from intertwining in to one big curl later.

Styling thinner hair can always be frustrating.  With this type of hair, adding layers will always help, whether you are the wash and go girl or the style every day girl.  A few texturized layers will instantly add volume and spice to fine, straighter hair.  Even with the layers, we all will always have those days where our hair is just like, NO.  If that is the case, try some of these simple, fun styles below to keep you looking put together and fashionable.

Sleek Pony 
Great for rainy days, or second hair days.  Slick your hair back in to a tight higher pony tail.  Keep the pony super straight and wrap a piece of hair around your hair tie and pin in place to take it from your every day pony tail to a more sophisticated style. 

Pretty Bump
If you want to keep your hair out of your face, and still keep it down, do the old school bump but gear it slightly more to one side of the head.  Use your curl tricks you just learned to add some life in to the ends of your hair.  

Romantic Braids
Try parting your hair on your favorite side, exaggerating it slightly to allow more room for the braid.  Take the very front pieces and braid them back towards your ear.  Pin in to place and you have a soft subtle style that will still leave you looking like you made the effort.  

The Messy Pony 
My personal favorite go to look, start by pulling hair into a high ponytail. Next, shake out some of the hair to create a soft fringe around the face and add some hair spray to secure the look.  Now you are ready for a casual day on the town or a simple night out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

8 Fun Ways To Rock a Head Scarf

Bad hair days, dirty hair days, rainy days, super sunny days or simply for pure fashion vanity; there is always an excuse to pop on a beautiful, trendy head scarf.  We all want to wear them but don't always know how to sport them with out looking silly.  Check out these 8 super fun and different ways to rock your hot new hair accessory!

Channel your inner Zoe Deschanel and tie a bow directly on top of your head.  This can look cute with hair up or down, and despite the image, bangs or no bangs!

Super sunny day?  For a day at the beach or just a day of shopping, this look can be so chic and trendy.  It will also help to protect your scalp and hair from those harsh sun rays.  

Every one wants to be like Serena, or at least look like Serena circa Gossip Girl.  Throw in a side pony tail and tie the scarf around the head securing the knot it in the back. Leave the bow ties to hang down with your pony.  For this look, the messier the better.  Leave the uptight cleaner cut styles to the Blaire's of the world.
Gossip Girl

Nicole always knows how to make boho look chic and I absolutely love the way she is sporting this scarf.  Simply let your locks hang down and natural, keep the scarf thicker and tie it around securing the knot in the nape of the neck.  Leave the knot exposed for a little extra cuteness in the back, and let the ends hang down over your shoulders like Nicole.  This is great for days where you may have skipped a wash or 2.  

This look is a little more baby doll esque, but I love it.  It almost goes back to the first look above but this shows you how to wear it with your hair down.  These top of the head boes look great with a nice summer sun dress.  Or spice it up at night with a light leather jacket and printed pants!

The low knot of this scarf just screams THE BEACH.  Keep the wind from tangling your hair on those nice sunny beach days.  

For those of you growing out your bangs, or those of you that just want to add a little color to your day and keep your hair out of your face, this is perfect.  Head bands have a terrible reputation for headaches, so why not make a head band out of your favorite scarf??  

Rocker chic!  As I sit and type this I have so many images of different outfits and occasions to sport this scarf look to.  Again, perfect for a day at the beach to protect your hair from the sun.  Perfect for a rainy day.  Perfect if you just want to add some spice and look extra cute.  Either way I love this modernized bandana look.

Monday, March 31, 2014

15 "Must Know" Summer Beauty Tricks

Though Summer seems to still be light years away with the recent weather, I can only hope that sharing tips and talking about it will speed up the waiting process.  With that being said, I wanted to share with you a few MUST KNOW summer tips that will help your to keep your skin, hair and body healthy and looking great.  Check it out below…

Use a Primer- With the scorching heat of the summer, it can already be a problem keeping our makeup in place.  We naturally tend to sweat more and when we sweat…bye bye makeup!  Makeup primers help to fill in any lines and wrinkles creating a blank canvas for makeup application.  They also however, will help your skin resist moisture and keep your makeup where you want it!  EXTRA TIP: eye primer.  Eye primers have the same effect as all over face primers, but are intended for your eye area and are specifically designed to keep your eye shadow in place.  This will help to get rid of those unwanted eye creases, and liner smudges that we all dread.  Primers of any kind are a HUGE summer secret to keeping a fresh face all day long.

Water-proof Mascara- You don’t have to be crying or getting married to have your mascara run.  In the high summer temps, sweat and dampness can create moisture in the eye area and cause mega run-age!  Switch to a water proof mascara to help keep your lashes fabulous all day and eliminate any un wanted under eye streaks.  ALTHOUGH, make sure to remove water proof mascara with an eye makeup remover before washing your face.  Cleansing alone will not remove it and any extra rubbing and pulling can damage the eye AND cause you to loose lashes.  Everyone wants to avoid that travesty.  

Pump Up Your Lashes- Take that water proof mascara we just discussed and use it to dramatize your lashes.  In the summer, having nice pumped up lashes will make your eyes pop allowing you to wear less makeup overall.  

Cream Makeups- Powder makeup is great and all, but when powder mixes with moisture  on the skin it can cause makeup to cake.  Summer time is all about glowy skin and achieving the perfect dewy appearance that we see all over the magazines.  So ditch your powders and try to stick with the creams.  A tinted moisturizer or a light foundation can set a perfect canvas.  Then try using a cream blush or illuminator to pop some color in to your cheeks.  These cream based makeups will also stay in place better as your skin gets damp or sweaty in the heat and are guaranteed to last all day long.  

Foaming Gel Face Wash- Try switching from the heavy creamy cleansers you use in the winter to a nice refreshing foaming gel wash.  This will be a nice break for your skin.  The gels are much lighter than the creams and will soak up any grease or excess dirt on your skin.  They help to break through the nasty buildup of sweat and pollution caused by high heat temperatures and leave the skin perfectly cleansed and refreshed.  

Bronzers-  A shimmery bronzer instantly adds a sexy, healthy sheen to the skin.   They give you that sun kissed shine tint that we all love so much.  Be careful with adding too much bronzer though, when bronzing the face; stick to the places the sun would hit naturally such as the cheek bones and T- zone.  Don’t be afraid to add a little bronzer to the collar bone and even to exposed shoulders to give a more natural effect.  

Tinted Lip Balms- Lip glosses can be very sticky and in the summer heat we don’t need ANY excess goo.  Try using a tinted lip balm instead, this will give you that pop of color you are looking for and also help to keep the lips moisturized and protected.  

Clarifying Shampoo- Pump volume back into straight or fine hair by adding a weekly clarifying shampoo.   These shampoos will help to break through all the sweat buildup in your hair as well as any extra product residue left behind.  By clarifying the hair and removing all this extra buildup, your hair will not be weighed down and will instantly come back to life.  You should also use this  trick after any swimming and chlorine exposure.    

Summer Scents-  Swap your heavier winter perfumes for a nice light refreshing summer spray or mist.  Stick to fruitier, floral scents that aren’t as heavy on the nose.  Using a scented body mist as opposed to a thicker perfume will allow you to re-apply more frequently through out the hotter days.  We all know that re-applying perfume can cause more harm than good, we have all been next to that girl in a small confined space.  

Sunscreen For Your Hair- Before swimming, comb your regular sunscreen through your strands; this forms a barrier that prevents chlorine and salt water from stripping your color and drying out your hair.  If your hair is finer and you are worried about the excess greasiness that this could cause, then simply wet your hair under the shower before jumping in the pool.  This will also create a barrier to block the chlorine from reaching your cuticle directly.  
Shaving Secrets- We all tend to shave more frequently in the summer months with more exposed skin.  This can cause dryness and un wanted razor burn.  Try waiting at least 3 minutes after getting in the shower before you whip out your razor.  Warm water softens the hair shaft, allowing for a closer shave.  This helps to achieve a longer-lasting smoothness and lessons the chances of nicking the skin.  OUCH!
Non Metal Pony Tail Holders-  Avoid ponytail holders that are joined with a small metal bar.  Mega no no, they can snag hair and cause split ends.  This really should be a rule you abide by always, but in the summer when you tend to throw your hair in a pony after swimming or any out door activities, non metal hair ties will help to prevent breakage.  Your hair tends to be weaker when wet, any precautions taken will be greatly appreciated by your sensitive locks.  
Self Spray Tans- Ditch the tanning beds and try a spray on tanning mist.  The sprays distribute over the skin more evenly than the creams and will help to prevent streaks or blotchiness.  Neutrogena Spray on selfless tanner is my absolute favorite.  Spritz it on daily after showering, then allow a few minutes drying time before applying your moisturizer.  You will slowly see a subtle glow fall over your skin, increasing day by day.  
SPF Tablets- Aside from the suggested daily use of a SPF 30 sunscreen which I strongly encourage you all to use, also boost your UV protection by taking an antioxidant supplement or even a SunPill.  These pills have been researched and when taken orally they can help to prevent wrinkles, sun damage, and un wanted brown spots.  
Exfoliate The Right Way- Alternate every other day using manual exfoliation and mechanical exfoliation on the skin.  Manual exfoliation involves using your hands to rub a regular exfoliating face scrub on your skin.  Mechanical exfoliation involves using a lighter cleanser with no exfoliants on a machine exfoliator such as a clarisonic.  This helps to remove dead cells that build up on the skin in the summer leaving you with a refreshed silky glow.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tis The Season For Tinted Moisturizers!

My favorite time of year is slowly but surely approaching.  This not only means that I can frolic around in sun dresses and cute wedges (oh the longing), but also means wonderful changes in my beauty routine.  I can finally ditch the heavy foundations and transition in to the tinted moisturizers.  They ..are.. amazing, they feel light and make your skin look AND feel like it is glowing.  Hence the name, and at the risk of pointing out the obvious, these moisturizers are slightly tinted and glide on with ease.  When shopping for your perfect shade, try using one that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone to give you more of a subtle glow, this will also allow you to use it longer as your skin gets tanner deeper in to the season.  Tinted moisturizers were formulated and specifically designed to give a soft hint of color that evens and enhances without hiding the skin.   I would recommend using one with SPF to also protect your skin from sun damage.  All in all, do your skin a favor and let it breathe a little bit.  In the deep days of the summer, it can be so hot that we literally feel our foundation melting off.  When we continue to re apply it through out these scorching days, we can get caky and cause our skin to break out.  A tinted moisturizer can be re applied more frequently through out the day, freshening the look of your skin each time.  These amazing products are the perfect mixture of skin care and makeup that hydrate the skin and soften fine lines leaving you with a slight hint of color and a dewy, glowing finish.

Need more coverage?  Spot conceal your face and then rub in the moisturizer over top.  Per-Fection!!

Here are two of my favorite brands below!

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