Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Huff Post LIVE Best and Worst Beauty Segment

Hi all!  In case you missed last week's best and worst beauty segment, Follow the link below to see Kari, Michelle, Caitlyn and myself breaking down the weeks celebrity beauty and fashion.  Fun Fun Fun!

Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

EM-Sanity: The Best Beauty of the Emmy's

Back to back awards show's this week with the MTV Video Music awards stacking right up to the Emmy's.  Some stars came to one, some stars came to the other and some were at both, but all showed up looking their best... or so they tried.  Forget the beauty misses on the carpet, I am sure you all have your own opinions, let's talk about the fun stuff...I am bringing you my favorite beauty looks of the evening last night at prime time's biggest night of the year, The Emmy's.  Check them out below and comment in the comment well all your thoughts on who YOU loved!

Camila Alves
Camila is just one of those women who you look at in just complete astonishment of her natural beauty.  It is definitely not hard to enhance all the gorgeousness that she has going on, but you can't take it away from her glam squad, she looks absolutely fabulous.  Her center parted dark hair was worn behind her shoulders which really allowed her face and features to do the talking.  She had a subtle bronzed smoked out eye with a nude lip and her cheek bones were perfectly contoured.  She really nailed it last night!  (side note: THAT DRESS???  Love!)

Debra Messing
It is so nice to be seeing more and more of Debra on the carpet these days.  I love her natural curls, but this old hollywood side parted wave was perfectly executed.  I love that she has the one side completely pulled back from her shoulder allowing the bulk of the curls to lay softly to the other side.  Her makeup was also flawless with a heavy lined eye and a glow that goes perfectly with her red locks.  Well done Debra!

Heidi Klum
I literally can not say enough positive things about this look.  She is absolutely show stopping stunning!!  She has the perfect summer blonde that we are all going to be nostalgic for here soon when fall comes upon us.  It is perfectly and effortlessly waved to frame her face and her makeup is that "there but not there" look that allows her to show off her sun kissed skin.  The coral dress matches her hair color and skin so perfectly that I can not even deal with it......OH and she twerked on the red carpet, get it Heidi!

Julia Roberts
Julia is someone that we do not often see on the Emmy red carpet, we are more used to seeing her at the Oscars.  But she showed up and did not disappoint!  I love her blonde hair and subtle wave.  Her makeup is clean and beautiful and not to mention that amazing dress!!  Always smiling, this one.

Kelly Osbourne
This Fashion Police star was in the building!  And looking as purple and stunning as ever.  I could not get over her edgy, rolled, up do.  We are seeing the shaved head more and more and I think Kelly does it brilliantly.  It suited her makeup perfectly with her peachy pink cheeks and she looked gorgeous.

Kristen Wiig
Kristen Wiig has always been beautiful but I think she turned more heads than usual last night.  Her plunging neckline and white dress complimented her glowing bronzed out makeup application and  her "just left the beach" waves.  Her hair length is perfect for her face shape and the color perfectly suits her skin tone.  You look great girl!

Sarah Hyland
This Modern Family star looked beautiful walking the carpet.  Her top bun was awesome, and not too perfect and sleeked which is my favorite part.  Her brows frame her face very well and her eyes are truly popping.  This was the perfect look for her age and I loved seeing her shine.

Taylor Schilling
Nude is the new black???  Because this lady looks amazing in this nude dress, nude makeup and light blonde hair.  Her eyes are a hinge darker drawing attention to them and her hair is the perfect amount of messy and side swept.  She looked amazing last night and owned the carpet beautifully.  

Let us know who made your list in the comments below!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Makeup Monday: The VMA's

As we all know last night The Beyonce Show, I mean the VMA's aired with stars walking the red carpet in what is widely known to be the more edgier awards show of them all.  Alas, they were pretty tame this year with Taylor Swift singing about her own life again, (#stillloveher), Niki Minaj taking over Miley's twerking roll, Usher sporting his usual amazing dance moves and a few other fun moments of the night.  Though most of us were tuning in to see Beyonce, who was strategically last to perform putting on a show that lasted a full 15 minutes, I was also tuning in for the beauty.  In honor of Makeup Monday, check out my favorite makeup looks of the red carpet last night.

Gwen Stefani
There has been some controversy over whether people loved or hated this look, and I am here to tell you ..I love it.  Its nice in general to see Gwen on the red carpet again and looking fabulous at that.  She went against the rules and rocked a super smoky eye, super bold lash and hot pink lip and looked amazing doing it.  It's a hard thing to pull off and she did it wonderfully.  
Kendall Jenner
Watch out Kim, Kendall is by far the break out Kardashian sister of the year.  She is definitely one to look out for with her modeling career sky rocketing currently.  And she brought it once again last night on the carpet.  She has a subtle smoky eye paired with a pale nude lip.  Kendall is so young and can sometimes tend to be highlighted and contoured as much as her older sisters when she really doesn't need it.  I was happy to see her wear more of a sheer foundation face with this look, less is more.  

I mean duh, she always looks fabulous and she always seems to absolutely nail the more natural nude face look that I think we all strive for.  She gets it right so often that I considered not putting her on the list, but when students get all A's every time you still put them on the honor roll right??  Beyonce strikes again!

Double Take: Jessica Alba Huff Post Live Best Beauty

This week over at the Huff Post Live studios I gave Caitlyn Becker the same hair do as our best beauty winner of the week,  Jessica Alba.  Check out the how to do it at home tips below!

1) Spritz a texture spray on to DRY hair.
2) Blow dry lightly with cool setting to let the spray dry in to the hair and give you that perfect texture you are looking for
3) Section the hair in to one to 2 inch sections
4) Use a 1 and 1/2 inch wand iron and wrap one to two inch sections in opposite directions all around the head leaving OUT the ends.  (leaving out the ends will give it that messier look at the bottom)
5) Run your fingers through it all and shake it out.
6) Spray on a light texturizing finishing hair spray to help your look last all day!!!

Check out Caitlyn's double take below!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Master The Hair Wand!!

Quick sneak peak at Caroline's look of the day!!

-Section hair in to 1/2 inch sections all over the head

-Wrap the hair in small pieces in different directions section by section using a texture spray before each curl and hair spray after each section.

-Tease in the mohawk section from the front hair line back to the crown for ideal volume

-Comb out your tease and run your fingers through the curls gently to give it that final loose waved effortless look!

Hope you enjoy, Happy Friday y'all.  Follow the link for the video below!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Hair Tips For Rainy Days

I don't know about where you live, but here in NYC it has been a humid, rainy couple of weeks.  Now in comparison to the polar vortex we experienced this winter I will take this weather over that any day, but my hair may beg to differ.  Those of you struggling with that rainy day frizz and disobedience, check out some tips below that may get you through the day with out absolutely wanting to cut all of your hair off.  

Heat Protector- I have said it once, I will say it a million times, a heat protectant is the way to go.  Use a cream or spray on damp hair and distribute evenly.  This not only helps to protect your hair against curling and flat iron heat but also the heat and humidity outside.  

Don't Skimp Your Blowdry-  Make sure your hair is completely and utterly bone dry before leaving the house.  Any dampness left in your hair will instantly be a magnet for frizz once stepping outside.

Anti Frizz Serum- Duh!  Once your hair is styled rub an anti frizz serum on to your midshaft and ends.  This will also help to give your hair some extra shine.

Give Yourself Some Time-  After your done blowdrying and styling, give your self 5 minutes before running out the door.  This will allow the hair to cool and set, sealing the cuticle and blocking the humidity from getting to the hair so easily.  It will also allow that serum you just used to have a chance to dry in to your hair, IE rule number 2 above.

No Touching- Do not do not do not touch your hair.  The oils from your finger tips will get in to the hair and can cause extra frizz.  No matter how much you may want to grab those locks, fight the urge for longer lasting style.  

EFF It- The last and most important rule of rainy day hair is to know when to say "F#$K it!"  There are going to be those days that no matter how many tips or tricks you try, your hair is just not going to listen.  You think you will be the only one out there making themselves late for work by trying to salvage their frizzy mess of a mane????   NO!  Everyone knows and understands the struggle, and on these specific days, opt for a braid or up-do and just say EFF IT.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Makeup Tips and Trends That May Be Aging you!

Good morning beautynistas!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We are all always looking for the next best makeup product, tip, or trend, hence my beauty blog.  But does that necessarily mean that every trend will work on us?  Or that we are even doing it correctly??  Take a look at some of the specific ones that can easily be done wrong and that may even be aging us....

1) Dark lips-  They are a huge thing right now and the go-to statement trend that allows us to wear less makeup every where else.  But when wearing a dark lip a lot of people tend to choose one with blue undertones which can instantly make the lips appear small and cold.  You can still rock a bold lip but try to test it out and find a shade that makes your lips POP!

2) Loose Powder- Powder is a necessity but too much loose powder can cake and discolor the skin, especially around the eyes and in fine lines.  Try switching to a translucent powder to avoid over doing it.

3) Shimmers- Every one wants bronzed, luminous skin in the summer time, but shimmery blushes and highlighters tend to settle in to lines and creases and can highlight imperfections.  For a more natural glow try keep your skin hydrated and use a facial mist daily.  This will help to allow the blushes to go on more evenly.

4) Bold Brows-  Though a bold brow is undoubtedly the way to go with brows these days, they can easily be done too harshly which can be aging and distracting.  Try using a pencil or powder shade that is one shade lighter than your natural shade to prevent making them appear too dark.

5) Glitter Shadow- Shimmery or glittery shadow can be VERY aging to your skin.  The glitter exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles and can set in to them causing creasing.  Try to opt for matte eye shadows instead, this will also help with blending and highlighting.   If you MUST have some shine though try keeping it in the inner corner of your eye.

6) Worn Makeup-  Most women tend to not touch up their makeup through out the day.  Under eye mascara or eye liner run-age can instantly set in to fine lines immediately making you appear aged or disheveled.  Throw a couple Q-tips in your makeup bag and when you go to touch up that lip gloss, dampen the Q-tip and give your under eye area a little attention as well.

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