Monday, August 25, 2014

Makeup Monday: The VMA's

As we all know last night The Beyonce Show, I mean the VMA's aired with stars walking the red carpet in what is widely known to be the more edgier awards show of them all.  Alas, they were pretty tame this year with Taylor Swift singing about her own life again, (#stillloveher), Niki Minaj taking over Miley's twerking roll, Usher sporting his usual amazing dance moves and a few other fun moments of the night.  Though most of us were tuning in to see Beyonce, who was strategically last to perform putting on a show that lasted a full 15 minutes, I was also tuning in for the beauty.  In honor of Makeup Monday, check out my favorite makeup looks of the red carpet last night.

Gwen Stefani
There has been some controversy over whether people loved or hated this look, and I am here to tell you ..I love it.  Its nice in general to see Gwen on the red carpet again and looking fabulous at that.  She went against the rules and rocked a super smoky eye, super bold lash and hot pink lip and looked amazing doing it.  It's a hard thing to pull off and she did it wonderfully.  
Kendall Jenner
Watch out Kim, Kendall is by far the break out Kardashian sister of the year.  She is definitely one to look out for with her modeling career sky rocketing currently.  And she brought it once again last night on the carpet.  She has a subtle smoky eye paired with a pale nude lip.  Kendall is so young and can sometimes tend to be highlighted and contoured as much as her older sisters when she really doesn't need it.  I was happy to see her wear more of a sheer foundation face with this look, less is more.  

I mean duh, she always looks fabulous and she always seems to absolutely nail the more natural nude face look that I think we all strive for.  She gets it right so often that I considered not putting her on the list, but when students get all A's every time you still put them on the honor roll right??  Beyonce strikes again!

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