Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hats Hats Get Your Hats HEREEEE

There is unfortunately no denying it beautynistas...Fall is here and winter is creeping its ugly little head around the corner.  The only thing to do??  Embrace it fully with your fashion choices.   It's the perfect hat season, and fashion hat accessories have never been more in style.  I picked up this amaze new hat today in Queens and I could not be more obsessed.   With the winter being more drying on our hair, we want to wash less now more than ever.  Stock up on some cute, WARM winter hats that fit your style and skip your washes.  Try to go for a thicker texture, the weaved fedoras let the wind and cold through to your scalp and can totally defeat the purpose.  Stick with the thicker styles, you will look fabulous and fashionable all while preserving the texture and life of your hair!  Check out my selfie hat photo shoot below with my new favorite accessory!  

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